With Adventure Hounds, you can rest assured that your pet is in competent and experienced hands. From the moment they are picked up until they are dropped back off at home, tired and content, their health and safety will be my first priority.



The dogs are transported in a well maintained minivan that is specially equipped for dog safety and comfort. I have a barrier that divides the space behind the driver and passenger seats into middle and rear sections, and both sections have several layers of blankets on top of waterproof rubber mats. I have carabiners set up in each section to attach leashes to, as well as water dishes. My van is also equipped with dual climate control, and air conditioning in the front and back.

While in my care, the dogs will NEVER be left unattended in the vehicle for more than a few moments, while I run in to pick up/drop off another dog.


On the walk:

On each and every walk, I carry with me a well equipped first aid kit, jug of water and water dish for the dogs, as well as a file on each dog. The files contain important info for each pet, including: emergency contact info for their owners, a brief medical history, veterinarian contact info, any special instructions ie: allergies or behavioural issues, and more. 


After the walk:

Before dropping each dog off, I always do a once over to check for any injuries, sores, insect bites etc. I also check to make sure they have access to water, and the area they are kept in is free of any hazards or safety concerns.


My experience:

Prior to owning Adventure Hounds, I was a professional dog walker for nearly 6 years in Vancouver. Over those 6 years, I worked at two different dog walking companies, and was the manager of one for over 2 years. I have experience working in a dog daycare, grooming shop and a boarding kennel. I also have many years of experience working as a volunteer for the Richmond Animal Protection Society, HugABull Advocacy and Rescue Society, and as a foster for Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue as well as Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue. I am fully trained in Pet First Aid and CPR through Walks N Wags, and I have been through the Veterinary Assistant Program at Granville College.